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Every Litograph design emerges from the text of a book. Just as the words on the pages of your favorite novel come alive in your imagination, our products are designed to illustrate the memorable characters and scenes rooted in text and imitated on stage.

We work closely with professional artists to create a new visual experience for classic and contemporary works alike. From a distance, the artwork illustrates a theme, character, or setting from each book’s descriptive pages. Move closer and the text becomes fully legible.

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Our Story

Our story begins the same way many of the works we feature on posters, t-shirts and tote bags do -- with an idea and some obstacles to hurdle. We had a vision of bringing tasteful literary classics off the page, onto your walls, and into your wardrobe.

As avid readers ourselves, we’re constantly considering opportunities to bring authors, fans and characters together, and we believe that more readers make for a better community.

To that end, in addition to creating custom-made products for book lovers to get closer to their favorite characters, we see Litographs as a way to share the power of books with more people. We're committed to promoting literacy all over the world -- to make a direct impact, we proudly partner with the International Book Bank to send one new, high-quality book to a community in need for every order placed on

Litographs is committed to promoting literacy, both at home and abroad.

We're proud to partner with the International Book Bank to send one new, high-quality book to a community in need for every order placed on

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What people are saying

"This time last year, they only had five titles available. Now they have over 100. So you basically don’t need to wear anything else, ever.”

Literature and art converge

“Having a tremendous soft spot for art and design projects inspired by literary classics, I love everything about Danny Fein’s Litographs project.”

- Maria Popova, Brain Pickings

A favorite book made wearable

“The presentation is elegant, portable, and wearable. In simple black and white or saturated multicolored designs, all Litographs highlight inventive uses of negative space to create a striking piece of art.”

- A.V. Club

Litographs adds a whole new meaning to word art

“Literature escapes from the page and onto the wall in Litograph's creative art prints. A creative way to showcase the written word, these prints are perfect for a reading nook or a children's room.”

- Apartment Therapy

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