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Custom Litographs: Wear your words on scarves and T-shirts

For the first time ever, exclusive to Kickstarter, we're opening our technology to writers and writing of all kinds. We want your dissertations, essays, love letters, songs, poems, code, and even novels. To celebrate the launch of our new line of infinity scarves, you could wear Austen or Fitzgerald, Hemingway or Angelou, but why not wear your own words?

What we're making

We're pleased to announce the newest chapter in the Litographs tradition of handcrafting beautiful tributes to great writing. Now you can wear your favorite author's words on infinity scarves!

To celebrate this launch, for the first time ever, we're producing entirely custom Litographs, exclusive to Kickstarter. We've always wanted to print your words, and now each and every backer will be able to wear their own unique text.

Whether you would love to see your own writing in print (maybe you have a short story or write poetry), wear the words of a loved one or friend (perhaps your other half writes song lyrics), or pick any other piece of text in the public domain (a classic novel from before 1923, a famous historical speech, or even the first 40,000 digits of pi) – we will handcraft you a truly one-of-a-kind scarf or t-shirt. You can even customize the color, style and size of your text.

And if it's your original work, it will truly be a one-of-a-kind publication only available to read on your back or around your neck.

Product Shots

Our Mission

Our mission has always been to help readers express themselves and get closer to the books and authors they love. Whether that's a custom t-shirt displaying the text of their favorite book or membership in a new kind of book club, we're at our best when we're facilitating these connections.

In addition to creating custom-made products that allow book lovers to embody their favorite fictional characters, we see Litographs as a way to share the power of literature at home and abroad. To that end, every Litographs sale has resulted in one new, high-quality book being sent to a community in need. Additionally, to enrich the experience of studying great books in American classrooms, we donate thousands of posters to teachers across the country each Fall. In the future, we'll institute more initiatives to support writers, writing programs, and literacy across the globe.

Previous Kickstarter Success

Four years ago, we joined this amazing community and you helped bring Litographs to life, as we launched our first collection of literary t-shirts.

Since then we've expanded our collection of t-shirts, posters and totes to feature the work of nearly 200 classic and contemporary authors. And in 2014, over six thousand of you helped us create the world's longest literary tattoo chain and launch our line of temporary literary tattoos.

It should come as no surprise that we're returning to the place that gave us so much promise in the early days as we continue to dream up new rewards for this special community.

Thanks for everything, Kickstarter.