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Litographs Originals

We asked 12 award-winning artists to reimagine their favorite books and create original art for the likes of Pride and Prejudice, 1984, and One Hundred Years of Solitude. These Litographs Originals are a collection of brand new art inspired by classic books.

What we’re making

A book’s worth is typically judged by the text between its covers – are the sentences readable, quotable, unputdownable? At Litographs, we’ve spent years making beautiful products inspired by these words.

Though our work will always be rooted in the text of great books, we’ve often wondered about developing the other side of the equation that makes Litographs special – the artistic interpretation of a text. To do so, we sought out artists with impeccable credentials (illustrations between the pages of The New Yorker and The New York Times, awards from the Society of Illustrators, etc.) and gave them a simple assignment:

To reimagine their favorite books and create original art for the likes of Pride and Prejudice, 1984, and One Hundred Years of Solitude. These Litographs Originals are a collection of brand new art inspired by great books on t-shirts and tote bags.

Whereas our text-based products utilize simpler designs, a major motivation for Litographs Originals was the ability to prioritize producing the best piece of art for each book without limitations. This allowed us to select artists with styles that range from comic book panels to fine art credentials and trust them to interpret their favorite book in a beautiful and unique way.

Product Shots

1/12Pride and Prejudice (Design by Bianca Bagnarelli)

2/12One Hundred Years of Solitude (Design by Loup Blaster)

“I was very interested by the topic and the magical feelings. I like fables, myths, and allegories. I also love to illustrate nature. I thought there was a possibility for something psychedelic, which is fun to work with. I like to let my mind dream and improvise.” – Loup Blaster

3/121984 (Design by Ron Wimberly)

“I simply approached this design problem as if I were hired to create the cover for the first edition. I used the letterforms to solve the problem.” – Ron Wimberly

4/12The art of War (Design by Kyle Platts)

“By illustrating the instruments of strategy in war, I've tried to convey the sentiment of The Art of War, which favours minimising casualties through strategy over brute force.” – Kyle Platts

5/12To The Lighthouse (Design by Angie Wang)

6/12The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Design by Lili des Bellons)

“Today, in the 21st century, Sherlock Holmes is more than just a fictional character, he is a true reference, a pillar of literary culture in England and even around the world. It was a real pleasure and honor to create a new visual representation.” – Lili des Bellons

7/12Little Women (Design by Natali Koromoto)

“The March family were very close and I wanted to show that in my illustration, always keeping an eye out for each other. The love and support they shared reminds me of my own childhood, growing up with my Mother and two older sisters.” – Natali Koromoto

8/12Of Mice and Men (Design by Jose Luis Agreda)

9/12Farenheit 451 (Design by Benjy Brooke)

10/12Their Eyes Were Watching God (Design by Richie Pope)

“Eyes Watching God is a landmark in fiction by black women. The themes of black womanhood and identity and sexuality within that were the focus for the illustration.” – Richie Pope

11/12On the Origin of Species (Design by Anuj Shrestha)

12/12Brave New World (Design by Sachin Teng)

“Books and flowers are an early metaphor in Brave New World about wanting something else, wanting more. I chose to cover them up with censor pixels to show them as something indecent in the book, and to juxtapose how artificial and manufactured the pixels are compared to nature.” – Sachin Teng

The Artists

Litographs’ creative director, Benjy Brooke, compiled a team of standout artists whose work has been featured in The New Yorker, The New York Times, and the Society of Illustrators among others. This is what Benjy had to say about their work.

“Aside from being a big fan personally, I wanted to work with these artists because they all have a great sense of story in their illustration work. They’re specifically editorial illustrators whose job is to illustrate for a story you’d typically publish in magazines and newspapers. They’ve made careers out of interpreting a text and creating an image that encapsulates all the complexities of that narrative.

They all have distinct careers that set them apart, but it’s this narrative aspect of their drawing styles that connects all of them. They can tell a story through a single image, and I admire that as an illustrator, to be able to capture so much emotion, character, and personality in a single image.”

Explore the full Litographs Originals collection and find the individual products at the links below.

Angie WangTo The Lighthouse
Anuj ShresthaOn the Origin of Species
Bianca BagnarelliPride and Prejudice
Jose Luis AgredaOf Mice and Men
Kyle PlattsThe Art of War
Lili des BellonsThe Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Loup BlasterOne Hundred Years of Solitude
Natali KoromotoLittle Women
Richie PopeTheir Eyes Were Watching God
Ron Wimberly1984
Sachin TengBrave New World
Benjy BrookeFarenheit 451

Our Mission

At Litographs our mission is simple: to encourage more reading and writing.

Whether it’s a Pride and Prejudice poster hanging on a classroom wall that inspires students to carefully consider a classic text or seeing your own writing in print, Litographs fortifies the belief that crafting words is a potent and necessary skill for sharing ideas throughout your life. So, whether you’re a celebrated author, a first-time poet or a voracious reader, we’re continuously designing products and experiences that encourage conversation and action around literature.

Thank you!