Step 1

Upload your text

Litographs is honored to offer Authors Guild a standing discount on custom scarves printed with the words of your choice. You can upload the text file of your book or other writing, which will then be printed legibly onto scarves. You can use these scarves to promote your work, sell them on your website, use them for reader promotions, or give them away as gifts.

Formatting Instructions

  • Any text present in your file will be printed on your scarf. If you would like to avoid printing a table of contents or other metadata, please edit your file before uploading.
  • We will remove all paragraph breaks before printing, so there is no need to do so yourself.
  • We can print approximately 30,000 words on each scarf, but there is no word limit to the text you can upload. If your text is too short, we will repeat it until it fills the entire scarf. If it is too long, we will print as much as we can fit.
  • Formatting such as underlines and bold or italic characters will be removed before printing. Please remove all hyperlinks before submitting.
  • We can only support standard Latin characters. Letters in other alphabets (e.g. Greek letters) or other unsupported characters may result in unwanted symbols or may be removed altogether.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! We'll get back to you very quickly.

Step 2

Customize your Scarf

Authors Guild Custom Scarf

Authors Guild Custom Scarf


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