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Formatting Instructions

We're here to make sure that your custom t-shirt is perfect. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! We'll get back to you very quickly.

  • Any text present in your file will be printed on your t-shirt. If you would like to avoid printing a table of contents or other metadata, please edit your file before uploading.
  • We will remove all paragraph breaks before printing, so there is no need to do so yourself.
  • We can print approximately 40,000 words on each t-shirt, but there is no word limit to the text you can upload. If your text is too short, we will repeat it until it fills the entire t-shirt. If it is too long, we will print as much as we can fit.
  • Formatting such as underlines and bold or italic characters will be removed before printing. Please remove all hyperlinks before submitting.
  • We can only support standard Latin characters. Letters in other alphabets (e.g. Greek letters) or other unsupported characters may result in unwanted symbols or may be removed altogether.

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Custom T-Shirt

Custom T-Shirt


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